Fantastical Beasts Collection


From Dragon's to Dinosaurs, Monsters to Unicorns, these wonderful historical, mythical & enchanted creatures share their stories here.

Desiree Dragon


Little Desiree Dragon - 'Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth', or so she would have you believe!  Desiree loves to play games with her sisters and brothers and cause havoc for her trainer - Erin The Brave.  Every day Erin sets out her training tools to help the baby dragons learn how to fly. Desiree pretends she can't fly but when her trainer isn't looking she swoops around ever so quietly and very quickly rearranges the tools in a different order. This makes Erin scratch her head in bewilderment! Who could have done this she thinks to herself? The baby dragons take great delight in this hijinks and have to do all they can not to let out a little puff of smoke whilst giggling behind Erin's back. One day she will grow into a fine young dragonteen and become champion flyer of the Dragon Rescue Patrol.

Destiny Dragon


Story Coming soon

Daisy Dragon


Story Coming soon

Denzel Dragon


Story coming soon

Dave Dinosaur


Story coming soon

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