Superheroes Collection


Meet the Morrowland Superheroes. These are the guardians and the inhabitants of Morrowland. Some have very special super powers, their stories can be read here:


Morrowland Creations, Baby Cot Mobiles, Personalised gifts, Name Banners & Soft Toys

                                                  FLUTTER BOY

This cool dude is a handsome young man, he can charm all the insect crew with a bat of his wings. But he only has eyes for Flutterby Girl - the guardian garden keeper. Flutter Boy has an amazing talent. He can open a tin of beans with his pincer hands! He helps build homes with his brilliant hands for the Morrowland folk and in his spare time is working on a new device that sends out a high pitched noise that only the evil Blackbirdians will hear. The Blackbirdians are creatures that fly and circle the skies keeping their beady eyes on the lookout for juicy tasty treats. They won't like this noise at all and so it will keep these pests from trying to snaffle up the garden folk. All in all a very handy helpful creature to have around.

Morrowland Creations, Baby Cot Mobiles, Personalised gifts, Name Banners & Soft Toys
Morrowland Creations, Baby Cot Mobiles, Personalised gifts, Name Banners & Soft Toys

                                                LADY BUG BUG


Lady Bug Bug is married to Mr. Bug Bug, they have a lovely daughter called Miss B Bug Bug. Lady Bug Bug loves to dance and sing, she plays the violin and is a member of the Bug Ball Society and the local Morrowland Operatic society. She barely has any free time but when she isn't taking care of her family, singing and dancing she likes to curl up with a good book. At the moment she is reading a play written by Henry Hedgehog called A Woodland Winter in Morrowland. Henry is Miss B Bug Bug's school friend who has dreams of becoming a published author one day. 








                                               FLUTTERBY GIRL


This beautiful little lady is a whizz at maths and is Morrowland's garden guardian. Her job is to count the flowers and bees in all her friends gardens and keep a register of all visitors to the area . Flutterby Girl has some special powers, for a start she can fly, but most importantly she has the ability to produce sparkly flutter dust which gives off such a sparkle that it bedazzles all those who get in it's path. The evil Black Birdians, big squawking, flapping creatures are always on the look out to eat the Morrowland folk but thanks to Flutterby girl's cloud of sparkles they never seem to get close enough to enter the garden realms.



Morrowland Creations, Baby Cot Mobiles, Personalised gifts, Name Banners & Soft Toys

                                                   MR. BUG BUG


Mr. Bug Bug is married to Lady Bug Bug, they have a lovely daughter Miss B Bug Bug. When he was little Mr. Bug Bug was in a band called the Bugatrons. He still loves to get in the groove and DJ's at the local Bug Ball Room every Friday night. All the kids think he is very cool! He was the first ever bug in Morrowland to dance for 10 hours without stopping and now has his name written in the Bug hall of fame. He has been happily married for 10 years and loves to take Lady Bug Bug out to the local theatre for nights out. Their friend Olivia Owl sometimes sings there.



Morrowland Creations, Baby Cot Mobiles, Personalised gifts, Name Banners & Soft Toys

                                                 BAT ATTACK BOY


This little fella is a rather cheeky Superhero called Bat Attack Boy. He likes to pinch peoples toast in the mornings to make Batapults which launch sticky jam in to peoples hair. He likes to think he is the worlds best spaghetti bolognese eater and can suck in a 200ft long piece of spaghetti in one go! His favourite thing to do is hang upside down whilst playing ping pong.



Morrowland Creations, Baby Cot Mobiles, Personalised gifts, Name Banners & Soft Toys

                                               Heart Warrior Girl                                                    

Watch out, she's out to get you. No one can escape Heart Warrior Girl! When you are least expecting it she'll zap you with her heart shaped gaze and make your heart melt so you feel all squishy and gooey and ready to hug someone. She'll turn the most unpleasant spiteful creature into a loving, caring and good natured being. When she's off duty Heart Warrior Girl loves to bake cookies and play scrabble. Her favourite meal is alphabet spaghetti on toast.   

Glo Boy  


Glo Boy lives in a shed on an allotment. He loves it as there are so many wonderful smells that come from the growing vegetables. He also gets wonderful meals from the owner in return for keeping a watch over the vegetables and lighting the allotment at night so the vegetables can grow even bigger and tastier. His best friend is alien Waldo from the planet Tlef. They are little tinkers when they get together. One of their favourite tricks is to paint the vegetables blue!



Bat Attack Girl


BAT ATTACK GIRL (a.k.a. The Photobomber!) She's an energetic kind of lady who is amazing with a movie camera! Halloween is Bat Attack Girl’s favourite time of year as she gets to make films of all of her friends dressed up in costumes acting out spooky stories. When she’s not scouting out new film locations and dreaming up new stories to share, Bat Attack girl loves to Photobomb. She is bit of a practical joker and loves the fact that she has managed to get her face seen in over 50 famous people’s photographs and over 300 of her friends! 

Erin The Brave


Erin is a fun and mischievous kind of young lady. In her spare time Erin trains baby Dragons in the hopes that one day they will be good enough to make the grade for the Dragon Rescue Patrol team. Erin likes to play hard and work hard. She loves to plan parties with her buddies and play practical jokes on them. One time she tied her dragons tails to her friends hair while she slept and when her friend woke she made such a fuss she scared the baby dragons who then set off racing into the sky taking her with them into the air!

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